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Other Therapies

Hypnotherapy is actually a branch of Psychotherapy, and as a fully qualified Hypno-psychotherapist I can offer you other forms of therapy.

In addition to Hypnotherapy I can also offer

  • Ego State Therapy

  • Psycho-Dynamic Hypno-Psychotherapy
  • Subconscious Restructuring

Ego State Therapy

Ego State Therapy Was first pioneered by John G. Watkins in the 1960’s and, more recently, further developed by Dr. Gordon Emmerson. Combining elements of C.G. Jung’s ‘Analytical Psychology’ with Hypnosis, Ego State Therapy directly addresses that part of your unconscious that is causing the problem. Be it a physical affliction, such as a stiff neck or ‘bad back’, that has no medical cause. Or the sudden over reaction to a particular situation, Ego State Therapy can directly access the problem and help you, once and for all, be free of it.

Psycho-Dynnamic Hypno-Psychotherapy (or PD-HP for short)

PD-HP is closely related to Hypnoanalysis as discussed on a previous page, however with PD-HP you are more actively reorienting your inner most concerns, conflicts and difficulties, as we actively explore their origins and causes.

PD-HP, as the name suggests, is dynamic in terms of how these experiences are explored as you actively re-assess the experiences you recall, and more actively engage with the memories.

If you imagine that your memories are more like a stage play than watching a film or movie. In a movie we simply watch what occurs. However, in a stage play we can change the cast members, move them around the set, and change what they say. We can even ask new questions, one's which we may not have thought of at the time. The effect of these 're-orientations' can be astounding.

Subconscious Restructuring 

Subconscious Restructuring is similar to Psycho-Dynamic but does not always require exploring all the details of an experience, only accessing the emotions involved in order to restructure the effects. S.R. is similar to the approach pioneered by Dr. Kelly Burris Ph.D. but is not indential

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Sigmund Freud (1856 - 1939)