What is Hypnotherapy?

"Hypnotherapy uses a deep state of relaxation, achieved through
focused attention"

Hypnotherapy involves more than merely hypnosis. Hypnosis itself does nothing other than help you to feel relaxed but, in this relaxed state, you’re able to communicate more fully with a therapist, and are often more willing to discuss the problems and issues that you’re facing, while feeling comfortable and confident that your problems and feelings are being respectfully addressed.

Hypnotherapy itself comes in two different forms. The first, most commonly used, is call Suggestion Therapy

Suggestion Therapy

This form of treatment is ideal for helping to cope with such problems and situations as driving test nerves, exam fears, smoking, nail biting, some weight-control problems, stress, building self esteem, confidence and many other problems besides. Suggestion Therapy involves the use of positively worded suggestions that take route in the subconscious mind and are acted upon instinctively. These suggestions, which may take the form of a story or metaphor, are simply put in such that you ‘know’ they are beneficial to you. It is also important to recognise that no one can use hypnosis to put a negative thought into your mind. Any such idea will be rejected by you. It is only positive ideas, thoughts and suggestions that will take root.

The second main form of Hypnotherapy is ‘analytical hypnotherapy’, also known as Hypnoanalysis

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"A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty."
Sir Winston Churchill